In our next life we're gonna ride horses.

What, where, who?

Graphic design studio, Amsterdam, Remco & Nine.


We love to create.
We like to hear your story and find a unique way of telling it.
This can result in an identity, a book, a party, an exhibition, a website, an animation, five flags, an app, wayfinding, two t-shirts, a campaign, a typeface, a happening.

What do we offer?

The best of both worlds.

Deep yet no-nonsense.
Poetic yet rational.
Free yet strategic.
Confident and cheerful.

This is me

Remco Oude Alink

After graduating ArtEZ Arnhem, I worked as a freelancer for a few years. I joined renowned design studio Thonik in 2006 to get more experience in teamwork, corporate identities, and strategic thinking. At Colorado I’d like to combine those skills with independent craftsmanship. I like to create bold, bright and unembellished work. Besides working as a graphic designer, I enjoy teaching Motion & Design at Aki ArtEZ Enschede.

This is me

Nine Fluitsma

After graduating ArtEZ Arnhem, I worked as an independent designer for 10 years in Amsterdam. I love the responsibility that comes with it. My design has a strong emphasis on type and is characterised by conceptual thinking. With Colorado I’m looking forward to the teamwork and the possibility of expanding my field of activities. Besides my love for graphic design, I enjoy making art. Both practices strengthen each other.

This is us + A

This is us + A

We work together with Simon François (motion design), Thijs de Lange (photography), Bong International (web development), Bart Weber (web development), Marieke Kitzen (copywriting), Lotte Meijer (interaction design), and many more.  


Bold & light design